Vintage Fair 2012…Preview 4!!

Tomorrow is the day! Vintage Fair will open at 4pm SLT but until then, here’s our last sneak peek of the items you can find at L&K prefabs booth.

Ma petite maison is a small shabby cottage where you can find that cozy time alone.

Chair + table – L&K prefabs – La fenêtre de Paris table set (modified) (available at Vintage Fair)
Flowers – L&K prefabs – Set of flowers (available at Vintage Fair)
Stove – Little boxes – Country stove
Counter – Little boxes
Bottles – Little boxes – Recycled milk basket
Pot – Little boxes – Stock pot
Tin – Little boxes – Cookie tin
Plates – LISP – Fairy grandma’s house wall plates
Wall art – L2 Studio
Dummy – *Art dummy! – once.
Trunk – {What next} – Sweetdreams suitcase
Doilies – L&K prefabs (available at Vintage Fair)
Cabinet – L&K prefabs – Small cabinet (available at Vintage Fair)
Bed – *Art Dummy! – Little bed with bunny (modified)
Lamp – LISP – Grandma hat lamp
Pillows – {What next} – part of Indian summer set

(Note: some of the items may no longer be available. For SlUrls please visit our LINKS page)

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