New Location!

Hi there!

We have recently moved location and along with that, some changes were made.

First, we are now using a different holorezzing system. Some of you are probably already familiarized with it, some of you are not. Well, you just have to scroll among the different products available and when you want to rezz one, just click on it and when it is showing on the big screen, just choose “rez” and Voilá! the item you chose will appear right in front of you. Keep doing that to every item you want to see.

On the left of this panel, you will find a Redelivery Terminal, so in case you missed a delivery, just touch on it and follow the steps.

Still on the left, you will now also find Gift cards! That’s right, you can now purchase as gift or simply buy a gift card and offer it to someone else if you want to. There are already three pre-made options with a balance of 100, 250 and 500L, but there is a customizable option, that will allow you to set up whatever balance you prefer. With each gift card you purchase, there will come a notecard explaining you what to do and if you still have doubts, just IM Luana Dawg and I will help you!

What are you still waiting for? Come visit us!

L&K prefabs

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